Beyond the Rim

A Beginning

On our way to the Cron Drift aboard the Desert Locust, we stopped on the Wheel to refuel. Thorn has told us that the material in the hold is not to be messed with, but it just generic parts. We are escorted to docking bay 37 by three fighters. As the ship is being refueled, we all set out to explore the station, looking for a bar or casino. We find the Blasted Asteroid Cantina. Khai, trying to gain a little extra money, sits down to play a game of sabacc. After an initial loss he did well. In the hangar deck, the dockmaster makes a veiled threat that the ship needs some “preventive maintenance.” Thorn is able to convince him that we have no money, but it will take a while for out ship to get refueled. Y4 has some issues in the bar, as he makes the patrons very nervous. Dr. Terrek steps in to help him, and takes responsibility for him. After Khai’s winning streak, he is asked to visit Jokol.

Khai and Koro go to visit Waroon at his table in the bar to try and find Jokol. He tells us how to find Jokol and also tells us that Jokol thinks Farghul are lucky. He also strongly suggests that we take any job that Jokol may offer.

Through investigating, we find that Jokol is in now in charge of the station. A few weeks ago several leaders of the rebellion (Luke, Han, Chewbacca) came through quickly followed by imperial troops. They escaped but there was a big fight. During this time the station administrator was killed. Jokol, apparently, bribed the Imperial forces to leave the station and have left him, essentially, in charge.


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