Beyond the Rim

Camp Harsol

We go back to Captain Harsol’s camp. It’s built into a canyon wall. Some of his people want to leave. Asks us to take Critala (an Arcanian). She’s operating on a Nexu putting steel jaws in it’s mouth. She’s a cyberneticist working on making life-extending systems for the Emperor.

Captain Harsol hates Palpatine. Was scouting out the clones on Camino and talks about the Death Star. He seems appalled at the idea of

Scout Ship – 12 crew, good shields, poor weapons, fast, long range scanners. Made in Coralag. Very rarely in civilian service.

Dr. Vifth says it’s kitted to transport 6 prisoners.

Our best plan? Dress up Vifth, Terrek, and a draft pick or two from Harsol’s people and pretend the rest of us are prisoners.

One group needs to go get the dead bodies from the Na Salor where the Nexu hid them. Terek, Vifth, Koro.

Another group needs to go to the Desert Locust and get the salvaged parts and go to the pod and send a message to the ship. Y4, Thorne, and Hassasti. Get lost, takes forever, clear computers of personal information.

Khai is staying at the camp to inspire the people and get volunteers. Gets about 48 volunteers.

Will need to be 50 m from the pod not to set off sensors. Will hike out there in the morning.


chakuva Scorpienne

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