Beyond the Rim

Meeting Jokol

We returned to the ship to await our time to meet Jokol. We brought Hassasti up to speed about what is going on. Our ship is not repaired nor is it refueled. We receive a message that we are to meet Jokol on an observation deck. We all go to meet him. He is surrounded by an entourage and the meeting is a busy public part of the station. He asks us to remove an item from the station. The item is a hyperspace distress pod. The pod is currently in the possession of a Twilek who believes it leads to a treasure. The missing ship is named the Sa Nalaor. (Captain Harsol was a republic naval officer before defecting to the seperatists. The ship held battle droids and was owned by the banking clan.) We go to see the Twilek, Reom. Reom and his sister Shira operate a small salvage company on the lower levels called Isotech. Main office on The Wheel. Isotech is the proper owner of the pod and the previous government returned the pod to them. Reom has called in a favor for a particular salvage group, we are to tell him the key word “Calarium’s black bloom.”

After dropping the code phrase, we meet with Reom.


chakuva Scorpienne

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