Beyond the Rim

Rough Landing on Cholganna

Though we had a bumpy start, we take a few days of jumps to Cholganna

“Less talkin’ more walkin’! Cockpit out!” Our Captain’s excellent flying was a lesson in sarcasm for Y4 as Hassassti is pitched around the cabin like a pinball. We came into atmo to too hot, skipping off the atmosphere and going into an asteroid field.

[At least we had bluemilkshakes]

The litany of woes

Sensors destroy
10/15 pts system strain
1 engine has major damage
6/28 points of hull trauma

1/3 speed
+1 black die

He did actually manage to land the damn thing though.

Y4 goes out for a lookabout and find a piece of starship hull. Hassassti works on repairs with Thorne while Khai and Y4 go out to set up a sensor array. They stumble into an old CIS (confederation of independent systems) life pod with the partial label 34-Besh. Y4 is attacked by green bugs, but doesn’t care. Find a drowned computer and some skeletal bodies in suits. No idea if it’s the Sa Nalaor or not. Y4 tried to get the computer out to bring it to Hassassti, but the vibroaxe didn’t work well underwater.

In the meantime, Khai makes an incredible noise as a tentacle of a tree octopus coils around his neck…


chakuva Scorpienne

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