Beyond the Rim

The "Rescue"

Koro and Dr. Terrek come out to the wreckage of the Na Salor, and patch up the wounded while Hassassti looks after Y4. Apparently he’s got a restraining bolt on that is overwriting some of his combat subroutines.

Koro, Kai, Dr. Terrek, and Captain Thorne head back to the sealed room. They find no droids but they do find…

2 emergency repair kits
1 full repair kit
4 blaster rifles
4 droid bodies

Find the next part of the ship driven into the ground. It’s the bridge and part of the forward hull. A complex conversation is had about the history of the clone wars and political movements.

_From escape pod:
“Captain Harsol’s greedy scheme…”

“Cratala’s political treachery against the chancellor….”

Reminder: The missing ship is named the Sa Nalaor. (Captain Harsol was a republic naval officer before defecting to the separatists. The ship held battle droids and was owned by the banking clan.)_

We get into the ship and find the sensory array control room. Will take 2 days to tear out the tech, 2 days to install. Hassassti and Y4 open a drain so the water won’t pool up back there. Find old tools there too.

Have a antechamber for jump marines. This was a military transport. Kai finds a handle in one of the jump seats and finds a vibrosword and a couple of frag grenades.

Hassassti continues to the bridge… and is jumped by a nexxu.


chakuva Scorpienne

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