Beyond the Rim

Treasure Trove: Good News and Bad News

After a lot of work, we get open the other compartment. As Hassasti opens the door, seven battle droids become active. The leader says “we’re taking you to processing!”

Gunfire is exchanged, and Y4 strides in. The commander shoots Kai, but the brave farghul focussed through his pain, and tossed in a thermal detonator. The commander droid catches Hassassti in a stickynet to “take you to processing”. Kai points out we’re here from Captain Harcel, and they pause in firing. Thorne also lays it on thick and just isn’t believable.

Kai mutters under his breath “I think I’m probably going to kill you, Thorne.” Even Hassassti gives him a weird look.

Y4 knows he’s wounded, so he deploys an emergency repair patch (heals 3, up to 5 times a day) and advances on the command robot but is cut down. Kai is also trapped in a net and he surrenders.

Thorn says “this is a trick, right?” and fires at the robots.

At that point… the bots disable Y4, Thorne, and Hassassti… but Kai has surrendered.

I guess we’re going to processing…

They put us in an unpowered cell, and bring back a pile of Y4.

Kai starts demanding food and they leave to find a “jailer unit”.

Hassassti looks at the pile of Y4. “Well… I did have some upgrades…”

Kai grabs Koro on the com, “Koro, we need a battle plan…”

Hassassti just got her tools out and sigh.


chakuva Scorpienne

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