Beyond the Rim

Waiting for IT-3PO

The droid took forever to show up. Instead of it show up, we heard blasters in the promenade, Rodians were shooting at the droid. We took down the Rodians (with the assistance of a timely grav crane). The Rodians escaped adroitly. (For the record, they shot first.)

We escape to a safe point in space for medical work and repairs. During that time Hassassti’s researches indicates that the Rodians that attacked us are likely from the Yiyar clan. Hassassti gets the robot and the hyperspace beacon put together. Dr. Terrek heals up the crew.

The hyperspace beacon points us toward a planet named Cholganna.

Cholganna is home to the nexu (large predatory cats). Pelts, cubs, and black Nexxu fetch the highest prices.

Chol system – uninhabited, temperate. Idona forest. Tethyr river valley. Nebula around the Chol system messes with systems. Cholgana is in the “starfog” for 2/3 of it orbit, like right now. 4 days travel time.

Raxus is nearby, and is the closest civilized area.

20 xp


chakuva Scorpienne

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