Alsten Terrek

An older frontier doctor who has some history in the clone wars


Concept: An older frontier doctor who has some history in the clone wars
Background: Higher calling
Obligation: Responsibility (5)
Species: Human
Career: Colonist
Specialization: Doctor

Brawn: 2
Presence 3
Intelligence 3
Cunning 2
Agility 3
Will 2

Leadership 1
Negotiation 1
Know. (core) 1
Know. (edu) 1
Know. (lore) 1
Cool 1
Medicine 2
Ranged Light 1
Survival 1
Deception 1

Wounds: 12
Stress: 13

Surgeon 5 xp
Bacta Specialist 5 xp
Grit 5 xp
Resolve 5 xp


Dr. Alsten Terrek has been on the Rim for well over 15 years, moving from planet to planet and plying his trade among the outcasts and forgotten populations of the Empire’s New Order. Hailing from Anaxes, Terrek earned a medical degree on his home planet and signed up for the Army of the Republic due to familial tradition and the need for skilled medical personnel in the Clone Wars.

Terrek is a fit man in his early fifties with dark hair, greying temples and a salt and pepper beard on a weathered face. He has grey eyes and a generally hard expression and dresses functionally and neatly, having learned that life on the Rim values effectiveness far more than decoration. Terrek still wears a set of holotags that are quite weathered.

Alsten Terrek

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