Beyond the Rim

Camp Harsol
We go back to Captain Harsol’s camp. It’s built into a canyon wall. Some of his people want to leave. Asks us to take Critala (an Arcanian). She’s operating on a Nexu putting steel jaws in it’s mouth. She’s a cyberneticist working on making life-extending systems for the Emperor.

Captain Harsol hates Palpatine. Was scouting out the clones on Camino and talks about the Death Star. He seems appalled at the idea of

Scout Ship – 12 crew, good shields, poor weapons, fast, long range scanners. Made in Coralag. Very rarely in civilian service.

Dr. Vifth says it’s kitted to transport 6 prisoners.

Our best plan? Dress up Vifth, Terrek, and a draft pick or two from Harsol’s people and pretend the rest of us are prisoners.

One group needs to go get the dead bodies from the Na Salor where the Nexu hid them. Terek, Vifth, Koro.

Another group needs to go to the Desert Locust and get the salvaged parts and go to the pod and send a message to the ship. Y4, Thorne, and Hassasti. Get lost, takes forever, clear computers of personal information.

Khai is staying at the camp to inspire the people and get volunteers. Gets about 48 volunteers.

Will need to be 50 m from the pod not to set off sensors. Will hike out there in the morning.

A new face...

The Nexu leaped and tore up Hassassti, then wrecked Y4, but was killed by Koro. It has been cybernetic teeth, which Hassassti salvages.

There’s a discussion of Dr. Byth and his place in the group.

The bridge is ransacked, and found a video of the crash of the ship. See a young captain Harcel and an arcanian woman.

THorne, Khai, Koro stay to salvage the ship.

Byth, Y4, and Hassassti go to shut down Byth’s escape pod.

Corellian YT666 is seen in the sky.

In Rodian “Captain Thorne, you killed my brother, and so I’m going to kill you and all your friends you rat fuck.”

The "Rescue"

Koro and Dr. Terrek come out to the wreckage of the Na Salor, and patch up the wounded while Hassassti looks after Y4. Apparently he’s got a restraining bolt on that is overwriting some of his combat subroutines.

Koro, Kai, Dr. Terrek, and Captain Thorne head back to the sealed room. They find no droids but they do find…

2 emergency repair kits
1 full repair kit
4 blaster rifles
4 droid bodies

Find the next part of the ship driven into the ground. It’s the bridge and part of the forward hull. A complex conversation is had about the history of the clone wars and political movements.

_From escape pod:
“Captain Harsol’s greedy scheme…”

“Cratala’s political treachery against the chancellor….”

Reminder: The missing ship is named the Sa Nalaor. (Captain Harsol was a republic naval officer before defecting to the separatists. The ship held battle droids and was owned by the banking clan.)_

We get into the ship and find the sensory array control room. Will take 2 days to tear out the tech, 2 days to install. Hassassti and Y4 open a drain so the water won’t pool up back there. Find old tools there too.

Have a antechamber for jump marines. This was a military transport. Kai finds a handle in one of the jump seats and finds a vibrosword and a couple of frag grenades.

Hassassti continues to the bridge… and is jumped by a nexxu.

Treasure Trove: Good News and Bad News

After a lot of work, we get open the other compartment. As Hassasti opens the door, seven battle droids become active. The leader says “we’re taking you to processing!”

Gunfire is exchanged, and Y4 strides in. The commander shoots Kai, but the brave farghul focussed through his pain, and tossed in a thermal detonator. The commander droid catches Hassassti in a stickynet to “take you to processing”. Kai points out we’re here from Captain Harcel, and they pause in firing. Thorne also lays it on thick and just isn’t believable.

Kai mutters under his breath “I think I’m probably going to kill you, Thorne.” Even Hassassti gives him a weird look.

Y4 knows he’s wounded, so he deploys an emergency repair patch (heals 3, up to 5 times a day) and advances on the command robot but is cut down. Kai is also trapped in a net and he surrenders.

Thorn says “this is a trick, right?” and fires at the robots.

At that point… the bots disable Y4, Thorne, and Hassassti… but Kai has surrendered.

I guess we’re going to processing…

They put us in an unpowered cell, and bring back a pile of Y4.

Kai starts demanding food and they leave to find a “jailer unit”.

Hassassti looks at the pile of Y4. “Well… I did have some upgrades…”

Kai grabs Koro on the com, “Koro, we need a battle plan…”

Hassassti just got her tools out and sigh.

End of an Octopus

Y4 turns the octopus into sushi with great aplomb (and a lot of splatter). Dr. Terrek patches up Kai. Y4 has the brilliant idea to haul the pod out using the desert locust.

Y4s video logs indicate that the pod is consistent with the Sa Nalor’s build

Video log indicating passengers thought they had better odds on the pod than on the ship.

The post-crash logs are jumpy

“Horrible things in the jungle, not going to make it out alive…”

“Captain Harsol’s greedy scheme…”

“Cratala’s political treachery against the chancellor….”

Reminder: The missing ship is named the Sa Nalaor. (Captain Harsol was a republic naval officer before defecting to the separatists. The ship held battle droids and was owned by the banking clan.)

We find another section of ship blocking a small river. Find a boat and a trail. The ship has been picked clean of parts. Various hull markings confirm it’s the Sa Nalor.

Found two sealed areas. Small chamber and large room. Patched together a small generator. The first sealed room has nice CIS gear. Find emergency rations, diagnostic parts, 3 sets adverse env gear (p.169, armor mods, superior armor +1 soak, -1 encumbrance) with thermal shielding system, five stimpacks (p. 177), three hand scanners (p. 175), emergency medpack (p. 176), 5x breath paks and respirators.

We’ll open the next room next week…

Rough Landing on Cholganna

Though we had a bumpy start, we take a few days of jumps to Cholganna

“Less talkin’ more walkin’! Cockpit out!” Our Captain’s excellent flying was a lesson in sarcasm for Y4 as Hassassti is pitched around the cabin like a pinball. We came into atmo to too hot, skipping off the atmosphere and going into an asteroid field.

[At least we had bluemilkshakes]

The litany of woes

Sensors destroy
10/15 pts system strain
1 engine has major damage
6/28 points of hull trauma

1/3 speed
+1 black die

He did actually manage to land the damn thing though.

Y4 goes out for a lookabout and find a piece of starship hull. Hassassti works on repairs with Thorne while Khai and Y4 go out to set up a sensor array. They stumble into an old CIS (confederation of independent systems) life pod with the partial label 34-Besh. Y4 is attacked by green bugs, but doesn’t care. Find a drowned computer and some skeletal bodies in suits. No idea if it’s the Sa Nalaor or not. Y4 tried to get the computer out to bring it to Hassassti, but the vibroaxe didn’t work well underwater.

In the meantime, Khai makes an incredible noise as a tentacle of a tree octopus coils around his neck…

Waiting for IT-3PO

The droid took forever to show up. Instead of it show up, we heard blasters in the promenade, Rodians were shooting at the droid. We took down the Rodians (with the assistance of a timely grav crane). The Rodians escaped adroitly. (For the record, they shot first.)

We escape to a safe point in space for medical work and repairs. During that time Hassassti’s researches indicates that the Rodians that attacked us are likely from the Yiyar clan. Hassassti gets the robot and the hyperspace beacon put together. Dr. Terrek heals up the crew.

The hyperspace beacon points us toward a planet named Cholganna.

Cholganna is home to the nexu (large predatory cats). Pelts, cubs, and black Nexxu fetch the highest prices.

Chol system – uninhabited, temperate. Idona forest. Tethyr river valley. Nebula around the Chol system messes with systems. Cholgana is in the “starfog” for 2/3 of it orbit, like right now. 4 days travel time.

Raxus is nearby, and is the closest civilized area.

20 xp

Meeting Jokol

We returned to the ship to await our time to meet Jokol. We brought Hassasti up to speed about what is going on. Our ship is not repaired nor is it refueled. We receive a message that we are to meet Jokol on an observation deck. We all go to meet him. He is surrounded by an entourage and the meeting is a busy public part of the station. He asks us to remove an item from the station. The item is a hyperspace distress pod. The pod is currently in the possession of a Twilek who believes it leads to a treasure. The missing ship is named the Sa Nalaor. (Captain Harsol was a republic naval officer before defecting to the seperatists. The ship held battle droids and was owned by the banking clan.) We go to see the Twilek, Reom. Reom and his sister Shira operate a small salvage company on the lower levels called Isotech. Main office on The Wheel. Isotech is the proper owner of the pod and the previous government returned the pod to them. Reom has called in a favor for a particular salvage group, we are to tell him the key word “Calarium’s black bloom.”

After dropping the code phrase, we meet with Reom.

A Beginning

On our way to the Cron Drift aboard the Desert Locust, we stopped on the Wheel to refuel. Thorn has told us that the material in the hold is not to be messed with, but it just generic parts. We are escorted to docking bay 37 by three fighters. As the ship is being refueled, we all set out to explore the station, looking for a bar or casino. We find the Blasted Asteroid Cantina. Khai, trying to gain a little extra money, sits down to play a game of sabacc. After an initial loss he did well. In the hangar deck, the dockmaster makes a veiled threat that the ship needs some “preventive maintenance.” Thorn is able to convince him that we have no money, but it will take a while for out ship to get refueled. Y4 has some issues in the bar, as he makes the patrons very nervous. Dr. Terrek steps in to help him, and takes responsibility for him. After Khai’s winning streak, he is asked to visit Jokol.

Khai and Koro go to visit Waroon at his table in the bar to try and find Jokol. He tells us how to find Jokol and also tells us that Jokol thinks Farghul are lucky. He also strongly suggests that we take any job that Jokol may offer.

Through investigating, we find that Jokol is in now in charge of the station. A few weeks ago several leaders of the rebellion (Luke, Han, Chewbacca) came through quickly followed by imperial troops. They escaped but there was a big fight. During this time the station administrator was killed. Jokol, apparently, bribed the Imperial forces to leave the station and have left him, essentially, in charge.

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