Beyond the Rim

End of an Octopus

Y4 turns the octopus into sushi with great aplomb (and a lot of splatter). Dr. Terrek patches up Kai. Y4 has the brilliant idea to haul the pod out using the desert locust.

Y4s video logs indicate that the pod is consistent with the Sa Nalor’s build

Video log indicating passengers thought they had better odds on the pod than on the ship.

The post-crash logs are jumpy

“Horrible things in the jungle, not going to make it out alive…”

“Captain Harsol’s greedy scheme…”

“Cratala’s political treachery against the chancellor….”

Reminder: The missing ship is named the Sa Nalaor. (Captain Harsol was a republic naval officer before defecting to the separatists. The ship held battle droids and was owned by the banking clan.)

We find another section of ship blocking a small river. Find a boat and a trail. The ship has been picked clean of parts. Various hull markings confirm it’s the Sa Nalor.

Found two sealed areas. Small chamber and large room. Patched together a small generator. The first sealed room has nice CIS gear. Find emergency rations, diagnostic parts, 3 sets adverse env gear (p.169, armor mods, superior armor +1 soak, -1 encumbrance) with thermal shielding system, five stimpacks (p. 177), three hand scanners (p. 175), emergency medpack (p. 176), 5x breath paks and respirators.

We’ll open the next room next week…


chakuva Scorpienne

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