Hassasti Plass

A technician who saw too much...


Concept: A technician who saw too much…
Background: Wrong place wrong time
Obligation: Wanted (5)
Race: Sluissi
Career: Technician
Specialization: Slicer

Brawn 2
Presence 1
Intelligence 3
Cunning 2
Agility 2
Will 2

Computers 2
Knowledge (Rim) 1
Mechanics 2
Knowledge (Underworld) 1
Perception 1

Wounds: 14
Strain: 12

Race Traits
Gearhead (race) Remove 1 (black) setback die from mechanics checks. Halve cost of adding mods to attachment

Mechanic Talents (45 pts)
Mechanic Tree 10 XP
Toughened 5 XP plus 2 wound threshold
Fine Tuning 5 XP When reducing vehicle strain, reduce 1 more strain
Gearhead 10 XP Remove 1 (black) setback die from mechanics checks. Halve cost of adding mods to attachment
Bad Motivator 15 XP Once per session make a three-purple mechanics check to cause a targeted device to spontaneously fail.

Slicer Talents (40 pts)
Technical Aptitude 5 XP Reduce time needed to make computer checks by 25%.
Bypass Security 5 XP Remove one black setback die to bypass security device or lock door
Codebreaker 5 XP Remove one black setback die from checks to break codes or decrypt communications. Decrease difficulty of checks to break codes or decrypt communications by 1.
Defensive Slicing 10 XP When defending computer systems, add one setback die to opponent’s checks.
Natural Programmer 15XP Once per session, reroll a computers or astrogation check

Padded Armor – 2 soak (500 credits)

Next roll to fix Y4’s 2 point crit is at one extra advantage die.



Hassasti Plass is a Sluissi starship mechanic who had a very normal laid-back life on Sluis Van. She, like most Sluissi, is patient, calm, and seemingly unable to become genuinely upset or angry. Hassasti is a natural tinkerer who likes to work slowly to produce things of exceptional quality. Her specialty is refurbishing old and ancient starships. She spent her early adulthood happily restoring ancient and esoteric starships.

The Galactic Empire has taken control of Sluis Van and turned it into an Imperial Fortress World. The change in power was troubling to the Sluissi, but they adapted to it. The Sluissi were co-opted into working for Imperial ships (under the control of Superior General Sander Delvardus).

Hassassti and her work-team were tasked with restoring an ancient ship belonging to “someone important” in the Imperial infrastructure, given their expertise. The restoration was slated to take about four or five years, much to the dismay of the Imperial forces, but the Sluissi are hard to rush.

After about a year, Hassassti found a elaborate glowing latticework trinket hidden in an ancient panelling that she had to remove to get to some of the drive systems. She held it in her hands, rapt, and a dark whispering voice spoke to her. Hassassti guesses she stood like that for at least a day and a half (judging by the chronometer). The next thing she remembers is a tall human in a cloak knocking the thing from her hands, screaming about her unworthy alien hands sullying the relic. The human grabbed her up by the throat, slamming her into a bulkhead, screaming questions at her about what she had been told. She bit the human viciously, using her small size and speed to escape and hide on a freighter to Sullust, and from there to Adarlon, the vacation world.

Hassasti Plass

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