Beyond the Rim

A new face...

The Nexu leaped and tore up Hassassti, then wrecked Y4, but was killed by Koro. It has been cybernetic teeth, which Hassassti salvages.

There’s a discussion of Dr. Byth and his place in the group.

The bridge is ransacked, and found a video of the crash of the ship. See a young captain Harcel and an arcanian woman.

THorne, Khai, Koro stay to salvage the ship.

Byth, Y4, and Hassassti go to shut down Byth’s escape pod.

Corellian YT666 is seen in the sky.

In Rodian “Captain Thorne, you killed my brother, and so I’m going to kill you and all your friends you rat fuck.”


chakuva Scorpienne

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